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How to Use Dashboard Builder in Salesforce

The dashboard builder is used to build a dashboard where you can see report data in graphical presentation.

Permissions Needed

For creating dashboards, a user needs two permissions – the “run reports” and the “manage dashboards” permissions. The same permissions are needed for you to edit and delete dashboards that you yourself created.

For dashboards that others have created, editing and deleting require the “view all data” permission, in addition to the two permissions stated above. For dynamic dashboards, permissions needed are “manage dynamic dashboards” and “run reports”.

Cloning a Dashboard

So you will not need to create another dashboard with the same setting or with a different setting, you can use the Clone function of the Salesforce software. Click the Clone button and then click save.

Steps to Building a Dashboard

The main purpose for creating a dashboard is to create custom reports. The reports will display the data you want displayed on your dashboard. Here are the steps:

  • Click the tab for creating a dashboard.
  • Click the button marked “Go to Dashboard List”.
  • Select New Dashboard. If you need to modify existing dashboards, click their names on the list.
  • Proceed to customizing the dashboard.
  • Click Save.

Building a Lightning Experience Dashboard

For building a dashboard with “lightning experience”, the same steps apply but with a little twist. Here, you will customize the reports. You can choose different reporting options like charts, gauge, metrics and tables.

Click the New Dashboard tab. Then click the tab marked + Component. Select, then Add. You may want to use a filter. Click the Filter tab. Don’t forget to name your dashboard.

Your filter should be named. For this, go to the Display Name tab. You should also specify the names of users who you will give access to the dashboard you are creating. It can be “Me”, “a specified user” or “the logged in user”.

Afterwards, you click the Save button. Then click “Done”.

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