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How to Use Developer Pro Sandbox in Salesforce

If you need to test or develop inside an isolated environment, you should create a Developer Pro sandbox.

Create a Developer Pro Sandbox

  1. Click Setup, then in the Quick Find textbox, type in Sandboxes. Choose Sandboxes.
  2. Choose New Sandbox
  3. Type in the sandbox’s name (composed of 10 or less characters). Add a description for the sandbox. Keep the sandbox name as short as possible (recommendation is not more than 5 characters).
  4. Choose Developer Pro as the sandbox type.
  5. Click on Start Copy.

Depending on the type and size of your org, the copying process may take some time. An email notification will be sent to you when the copy is finished.

Creating User Templates

  1. In your organization’s production, create the new user.
  2. Give the required permissions by editing the new user.
  3. Deactivate the new user account in the production organization.
  4. Create a Developer Pro sandbox or refresh an existing one.
  5. Activate the previously created user in the Developer Pro sandbox.
  6. You can modify the email address, the account’s password, and other settings if desired.


Managing Developer Pro Sandboxes

  • To manage the Developer Pro sandbox, click Setup and in the Quick Find textbox, type in Sandboxes, then choose Sandboxes. A list of the existing sandboxes will be displayed. Select the desired Developer Pro sandbox.
  • To check the history logs of a Developer Pro sandbox, click on Sandbox History. This contains entries on creation details (when the sandbox was created and who created it), refresh history, and others.

Refreshing the sandbox replaces it with a new copy. Depending on the sandbox type, Salesforce will display only those sandboxes that can refreshed. The existing sandbox is available while the refresh command is being processed. You need to activate the refreshed copy before it can be used.

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