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How to Use File Viewer in Salesforce

Salesforce Files allows easy collaboration with other users through an enterprise environment. File sharing is an important aspect of collaboration and Salesforce can allow all users to have access to the files stored in the system, given they have the appropriate permissions.

File Viewer Functions

Using the File Viewer in Salesforce, users can save files privately and for personal use until the time comes when they need to share the files to others. Users may also subscribe to different files, and will get notified when that file has been updated.

Here are the things you can do with the File Viewer in Salesforce:

  • Post files for collaboration with your colleagues
  • Directly add files to record like Cases, Accounts, Leads, and others so information is located where it is needed.
  • Share files with external users (customers) using the Salesforce cloud
  • Connect to external file sources using Files Connect
  • Sync files between Salesforce and a local drive
  • Generate reports on how the files are being used

Viewing File Details

Click on a file in File Viewer and click More Actions | Preview. From the Detail page you can:

  • View files without downloading.
  • Check if the file is private, shared privately, or shared with the organization.
  • Download to save the file locally.
  • Share the file via file link, or with groups, or specific users.
  • Remove sharing by making the file private
  • Update the file by uploading a new version
  • Edit the details of a file like its name or description
  • Delete files by clicking on Delete
  • Check the file’s owner and last modification date
  • Check the file’s current version and its version history
  • Follow a file to be notified of changes
  • See the followers of a file.
  • See with whom and where the file is shared.

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