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How to Use Highlights Panel in Salesforce

You can configure highlights panels for a console in the Salesforce software. Highlight panels are tables that are customizable.  Tables consist of, at the most, four columns. Configuring the tables allow users easy views of key information. Configuring the panels only requires editing of a page’s layout.

Needed Permission

To edit a page’s layout, two types of permissions are needed. One is the “Customize Application” permission and at least one of these two permissions: “Sales Console” or “Service Cloud” permission.

To view a page’s layout, the “View Setup and Configuration” permission is needed.

Managing Highlights Panel

You can make changes on a highlights panel. To edit a panel, double click it. Otherwise, click the “wrench” image that appears on the page.

You can also change or add fields. Click the right column. Select the appropriate option by choosing either “Bottom Field” or “Top Field”.

The fields you want to affix may not be found on the list. In that case, go to the detail page layout. Add the fields.

Fields appearing as gray are fields that are already in use. Fields appear only once on every highlights panel.

You may remove fields. Click the column you want to remove. Then select “None”. Click the “Add Column” button if you need to add a column. To remove a column, just hover over that column and click the “x” mark.

Before leaving the highlights panels, click OK. When finished making changes on the page layout, click “Save”. If you want to see your highlights panels on a console, just turn them on.

Remember to click the “Save” button before leaving a page layout. Otherwise, none of the changes you have made on the highlights panels will be kept.

The highlights panel function of Salesforce is available in the Classic, Developer, Unlimited, Performance, Professional and Enterprise editions of the software.

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