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How to Use Login History in Salesforce

A Salesforce administrator may view and monitor all login attempts within his organization. Salesforce Login History makes this possible. This short article will walk admin users through the simple monitoring and viewing process.

Why Monitor Logins in Salesforce?

The integrity and safety of all data within the organization must always be upheld. Hence, Salesforce org administrators must regularly check and monitor the login attempts of his subordinates. By viewing and monitoring login attempts, an admin is able to spot if there are any suspicious logins brought about by intruders or bots that might want to hack their Salesforce system.

The Login History feature helps an admin in guarding the safety of sensitive business and company data contained within his Salesforce organization.

Facts About Login History

Administrators have access to the Login History of the organization. Apart from the Salesforce org login attempts, logins coming from the API, other portals and related Salesforce communities can also be monitored.

The organization’s Login History information page contains the latest 20,000 attempts. The system also holds records of login attempts from the past six month from current date of Salesforce use.

A user can also access his personal login information and history.

Login history reports can be downloaded to either a conventional CSV file or a gzipped Excel file for larger downloads.

Login History Download

Follow these simple steps to download the entire org’s login history.

  1. Go to Setup.
  2. Go to the Quick Find Box and enter Login History.
  3. Login History will appear, click on it.
  4. The user will be presented with two file formats for downloading. Select from Excel CSV or gzipped Excel CSV file format.
  5. Choose the All Logins option to download all possible logins including API logins. If a user wishes to download only a part of the login history, he can select only the contents that he needs.
  6. Hit Download Now.

Personal Login History Download

In Setup, go to the Quick Find Box and type Login History. If no results pop up, enter Personal Information, and click on it once it pops up. Hit Download to obtain a CSV file copy of the personal logins history.

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