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How to Use the Process Visualizer in Salesforce

Salesforce allows its users to visualize their approval processes graphically before activating and implementing it. The Process Visualizer is a tool used for this purpose. This post will show you how to use this powerful tool to visually preview your approval processes.

Defining Process Visualizer

The Process Visualizer lets users visually see what their completed approval process looks like. It has an interface wherein a diagram of the approval process can be seen, along with the criteria of each process.

This tool also lets users do the following:

  • See approval process detail properties
  • See details on a particular component of the approval process diagram
  • View various parts of the diagram
  • Zoom out and in of your diagram
  • Locate needed texts within the diagram
  • Print a hard copy of the approval process flowchart

The saved approval processes you can view in the Process Visualizer are all read-only and cannot be edited in that particular interface.

Navigating Through Process Visualizer Interface

Process Visualizer’s interface has three main parts, namely:

  1. Canvas – A large white window to the left where the approval process diagram appears. Shapes and icons are used to represent the approval process visually. The Canvas has a Navigator window which allows you to see various parts of the diagram. It also has a Zoom function.
  2. Button Bar – A thin bar on top of the Canvas which carries buttons for refreshing the interface and printing the document. It includes a Search box as well.
  3. Sidebar – Located at the right side of the interface. It shows information about the approval process by means of the Hover Details and the Approval Process Properties.

Viewing Visual Diagrams of Approval Processes Using Process Visualizer

It’s actually easy to preview a saved approval process in Process Visualizer. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Setup.
  • Select Create.
  • Choose Workflow and Approvals.
  • Select Approval Processes.
  • Locate the approval process you wish to view, then click on its name.
  • Once the approval process opens, select View Diagram.
  • Process Visualizer then opens and you will see a visual diagram of your approval process.


Process Visualizer is an effective interface tool that shows users a visual diagram of their saved approval processes. You can review details and print an approval process diagram through this interface.

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