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How to Use the Public Calendar in Salesforce

Salesforce lets its users create Calendars to keep track of their meetings with prospects, colleagues, and existing customers. Calendars can even be used to track campaigns that a team has been undertaking.

There’s even a better feature that Salesforce gives its users. Organization members are now free to share their Calendars to colleagues, groups, and subordinates. This is done using the Public Calendar feature available both in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

This post will show you how a Public Calendar is used and why it must be utilized by an organization.

Brief Definition of a Public Calendar

A Public Calendar is a tool used in Salesforce to manage a team’s joint activities. These activities may range from corporate ones like a training session or campaign launch, to more informal ones such as team building activities or a planned group vacation. Salesforce allows users to create an unlimited number of public calendars.

How Public Calendars are Used

You can create a new calendar by doing the following steps:

  • Navigate to Setup.
  • Go to the Quick Find Box.
  • Type in Public Calendars and Resources.
  • Select Public Calendars and Resources.
  • A window will appear. Locate and click on New.
  • Type in the calendar’s name.
  • Select Active, and then save the calendar.
  • To make it public, click on Sharing and then add the people, public groups, or roles you wish to share this new calendar with.
  • Go to Calendar Access and select how you would like to share this new calendar.
    • Full Access – No restrictions on viewing, editing, and inserting new events to the calendar.
    • Show Details – Lets people see information about upcoming calendar events.
    • Show Details and Add Events – Lets people see information and add new events to the calendar.
    • Hide Details – Lets people only see if given times are available in the calendar. Specific information about the events are hidden.
    • Hide Details and Add Events – Information about the events cannot be seen; however, users may add new events to the calendar.
  • Save everything. You now have a new public calendar, viewable by persons you specified earlier.

You may access, edit, and delete your existing public calendars by going to the Public Calendars and Resources box via the Quick Find Box in Setup.

Public Calendars Summary

Public calendars are easy ways of connecting with other people to know about group events. It can be easily set up through the Public Calendars and Resources dialog box. You can add users to share a calendar with and specify how these users can see and manage the public calendar they are in.

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