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How to use Salesforce console integration toolkit

As you continue using the Salesforce CRM, you will unlock different tools that will make your sessions more effective and efficient over time. There is a feature known as the Salesforce console integration toolkit and it is ideal for those who need quick access to updated information. Aside from helping them find the data that they need when they need it, this toolkit will also make it possible for them to create records in no time flat.

What You Should Know About the Console Integration Toolkit

The Salesforce console integration toolkit provides CRM users with the capacity to incorporate different data points and systems into their business dashboards. Even third-party components can be added to the console without much of a hassle. This particular API has been designed for advanced program users. It uses a series of browsers to open data sources within the console.

When using the Salesforce console integration toolkit, you can open multiple specified-URL tabs on the console. You can also set and reset tab titles not to mention return tab IDs with ease. And of course, you will be able to close tabs as necessary. But first you must connect to the toolkit element.

Incorporating the Toolkit into Your CRM

Make sure that it has been incorporated into the program’s JavaScript code. The toolkit syntax can be embedded into the program as a primary component or from a third-party access point.

To allow it to function directly with your CRM, you should add a specific parameter to the API. This parameter is the callback component. It will allow you to access third-party components without having to wait for any actions from the third-party’s server.

The toolkit can be downloaded from the Salesforce website and copied onto the JavaScript code from your end. You can copy everything as is to enjoy the basic benefits of the system or add the aforementioned parameters for better functionality.

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