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How to use Salesforce office toolkit

The beauty of the Salesforce program is that it provides you with the ultimate CRM thanks to the countless toolkits that you can integrate into the system. A number of these toolkits make the program highly reliable and one of the most popular ones is the Salesforce office toolkit.

Where to Find the Office Toolkit

You can download this from the Salesforce website and what it does is basically provide you with a way to integrate office programs like documents and spreadsheets into your dashboard. This makes the processing of data and reports easier as you have a user-friendly and universal computer-ready format to present your data in.

What to Expect from the Toolkit

What you should know about the Salesforce office toolkit is that it is primarily used to enable Excel components into the CRM program. This is a data tool that you can use to create spreadsheet reports with ease. To use the tool, simply download the packet and install it into your Salesforce dashboard. You can do this by incorporating the text file into your system’s existing JavaScript coding.

You will find an add-in that you can access to import your reports from Salesforce into Microsoft Excel. Once installed, simply look for the “Import” button on the upper toolbar on the interface. Click it and select Excel. You must have Excel 2007 or 2010 for this to work.

Excel Connector and Other Features

The Salesforce office toolkit will also come with an Excel Connector. What you have here is a plugin that allows for easy data access plus editing, both of which can be done directly on the Microsoft Excel platform. Once you are done with any changes, click the “Save” button and your updated data will automatically be exported back to the Salesforce system.

With this office toolkit, accessing your records is not only simpler but more efficient altogether. The best part is that you can also apply strict security measures, lock spreadsheets, and the like to protect your data privacy.

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