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Using Workflow Automation in Salesforce

The ability to automate business processes is one of the best features of Salesforce. In fact, Salesforce created a feature that can trigger automatic processes based on set rules and criteria. It’s called Workflow Automation, and in this post, you will learn how to use this to simplify processes and achieve business automation.

Workflow automation works on two things – when it has criteria that may cause the rule to fire, and when it has an action that will run once the record already matches the set criteria.

Creating a New Workflow Rule

Go to Setup > Create > Workflow & Approvals > Workflow Rules. Then, click on New Rule, and select an object where the rule should apply. Enter the rule name, followed by a rule description, on the fields provided. Set the desired evaluation criteria by ticking on the radio buttons.

There are three options available under Evaluation Criteria:

1. When a Record is Created – Salesforce will only evaluate the rule criteria every time a new record is created, and will not re-evaluate once the said record is updated.

2. Created, and every time it’s edited – The system will evaluate the rule criteria when a new record is created and even when it is edited. The rule will continue to run every time the record is updated as long as it still meets the rule criteria.

3. Created, and every time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria – If the new record meets the criteria, the rule is run. When it doesn’t, the rule won’t run. If the record doesn’t meet the criteria, and it is edited to fit said criteria, then the rule will be run.

Next, set the rule criteria as desired. Once done, click on the Save & Next button.

Creating Workflow Actions

Once done with setting up the rules, it’s time to set up the actions that these rules will eventually trigger. Click on the Workflow Actions under the Details page of the created rule. Click on Edit, and choose from the specific actions presented in the drop-down menu:

  • New Task
  • New E-mail Alert
  • New Field Update
  • New Outbound Message
  • Select Existing Action

Activating the Workflow Rule

Go to the Workflow Rules landing page and locate the desired rule’s name. There are three links on the left side. Simply click on “Activate”, and the rule will run automatically.

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