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Want to Partner with Salesforce to Drive Success in #Healthcare?

With the coming of new cutting edge technology in the health and wellness sector, healthcare organizations are taking advantage of new opportunities to provide better service.

Salesforce for Healthcare

Healthcare companies are reshaping their business to catch up with the aforementioned incredible technological progress. And Salesforce is the key player to usher them into that.

Thus enters Salesforce for Healthcare, Salesforce Health Cloud, and their other CRM solutions. This platform transforms the way a company acquires patients, how they service them, engage them, and innovate their services.

Let’s face it—patient expectations today have changed. The shift today is geared towards value based healthcare.

Back in the day care facilities focus on providing top of the line and expensive medical procedures. Today everything leans toward making a stronger customer experience.

Where is the Shift Headed?

Again, the goal today is to improve patient outcomes. Healthcare providers today are putting the patient at the heart of every decision that is being made.

That is achieved through the Salesforce platform through the Salesforce’s solutions:

  • Coordinate Post-Acute Care – by connecting healthcare teams and patients, you reduce readmissions and enhance the post care experience.

  • Personalize Contact Center Experiences – this allows contact center agents to connect patients to the right care providers quickly.

  • Scale Member Care Management – provides you with the ability to deliver one to one care to those who need it the most.

  • Personalize Member Engagement – this solution empowers your company to engage members through multiple contact channels thus allowing you to meet their needs based on their own preferences.

People are Ready for This Change

According to a connected channels report:

  • 83% of patients are willing to share their info and provide feedback to pharmaceutical researchers to help them develop better medicines.

  • 72% of people believe that it is important to be able to communicate with healthcare providers through different channels such as video, chat, and other web correspondence.

  • Only 28% of people keep their medical records in a physical location – the majority are now on the cloud.

If you want to partner with Salesforce to drive success in healthcare, give us a call today.

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