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What is Wave Analytics in Salesforce?

Wave Analytics is an analytics solution that is specifically designed for Salesforce users. It is a cloud based analysis tool and data platform. It is designed to analyse public data, desktop data, third party app data, marketing data, service, and sales.

Key Features

Wave Analytics has the following useful features:

  • It features native integration. You can set it up quickly with the expected security, speed, scale provided by Salesforce. You get immediate results without having to wait for IT people to get things up and running.
  • Wave apps are customizable based on Salesforce data. Your service and sales teams will be equipped with the right tools to provide better deals and smarter options for customers.
  • Wave is primarily designed for mobile users. It is optimized for phones and tablets, thus providing your teams with on hand tools on the go.
  • Wave allows you to explore Service Cloud and Sales Cloud data dynamically so you and your sales teams can spot trends and performance indicators.
  • You can immediately assign tasks, collaborate with partners, close and service cases. This allows you to take immediate action on the data you have gathered.

Wave Analytics – The Pros

One of the advantages of Wave Analytics is that even though it is a cloud based platform, it is definitely secure. GE Capital’s VP of Commercial Sales Eric Johnson comments that Wave was able to analyse data that still had to remain in GE’s side of the firewall.

It is able to meet rigorous data privacy and data security requirements. It means your company’s confidential data remains secure.

It is able to exploit the strengths of different form factors. Device support is at its heart. Its web interface works well with all devices.

The Cons

So what are the drawbacks of Wave Analytics – its cost. You will have to pay per user on a monthly basis. Companies will also have to pay for Wave’s backend infrastructure.

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