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What Is Web Direct Leads in Salesforce?

Salesforce has the ability to increase your prospects. It does so by making use of customer data in the user’s website and the feature responsible for doing that is the Web Direct Leads. As many as 500 leads per day can be added by Salesforce to what you already have.

The feature also allows users to be redirected to Web pages that are critical to achieving success in your campaign. To use the feature, one needs to obtain Customize Application permission.

Setting Up Web Direct Leads

To start using the function, you need to set up Web-to-Lead. Access the Quick Find box and then select Web-to-Lead. Click Edit. For automated emails, you have the liberty to use the default email template provided or use another template suitable to customer information. Save the changes you have made.

You can also create a form to be used to capture potential customers’ details. To create a form, go to the Create Web-to-Lead Form. Choose the fields you want included in the form. By using Add and Remove arrows, you can add or delete fields. To change the arrangement or sequence of your chosen fields, use the Up and Down arrows.

Web Direct Leads Guidelines

There are certain tasks this feature can perform for you. Some of them include:

  • Tracking lead information that isn’t accommodated by the available fields – If your organization will benefit from this, simply create custom lead fields. Specify the mapping arrangement between “custom lead fields” and the “custom fields”
  • Creating templates for public emails.
  • Setting the default status for newly-converted prospects. For this, go to “Lead Status”.
  • Automatically assigning leads to sales representatives – Go to Customize Lead Settings where you can assign leads to particular sales representatives. For this, you will have to create rules and activate these rules. If there is no need to refer leads to particular representatives, you can just assign leads to queues instead.

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