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We’ve Been Ranked in the #LinkedInTopCompanies List in Australia

Salesforce was ranked as one of 25 best companies in the #LinkedInTopCompanies List in Australia. Well, actually it’s not just the top 25 but the company is currently in the country’s top 10.

What Does It Mean to be Part of the List?

Making it in the #LinkedInTopCompanies List in Australia is no small effort and it is a testament to how great a company really is. It’s not a virtual high five or group pats on the back.

This is a solid recognition from the working professionals in Australia as well as an independent company, LinkedIn.

In the land Down Under there is more to it than your profession or what you do for a living that matters. Another thing that the local residents hold dear is who you are doing it for.

If you made it to the #LinkedInTopCompanies List that means you are one of the highly rated employers in the country. People from different professional backgrounds want to work for you. Not only that, they will also want to stay with your company.

LinkedIn’s list was not generated out of their own whims. It is actually data driven. It is based from the feedback and interactions made by Australia’s 610 million plus LinkedIn users.


There were four main actions that were monitored, which include:

  • Employee retention

  • Job demand

  • Engagement with the company’s employees

  • Overall interest

To be eligible for entry into this list the company needed to have 500 Australians employed (at least). The company is also required to demonstrate positive employee growth as well.

Salesforce ranks with other companies such as Westpac Group, National Australia Bank, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, Landlease, PwC Australia, CIMIC, and Deloitte.

What They Had to Say about Salesforce

If you are interested in working for Salesforce in Australia, here are some interesting facts and figures:

  • Total Australian Employee Headcount: 1,345

  • Job functions that have the most new hires: business development, engineering, sales

  • Fastest-growing skills: digital media, market research, cold calling

Note that not all job positions require a potential employee to hold a degree. The interview process and screening is rather inclusive. The assessments will gauge one’s potential and skill rather than scholastic achievement.

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