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What are Salesforce Entitlements?

Entitlements Management is one of the functionalities that you can take advantage of in Salesforce. Its features allow you to manage service level agreements (i.e. the services that you agreed to provide to your customers).

What are Salesforce Entitlements?

It’s pretty obvious that some of your customers are entitled to more services (or customer-specific services) than others. Some customers can be entitled to voice or chat support while others only get email consultations.

Consider it as a tool for your support team. They get contacted by customers, they check Entitlements and then they can easily determine the level of customer support to provide based on the SLA that was agreed upon.

Features of Entitlement Management

  • Entitlements: they allow support staff to find out the type of support each customer is eligible for.
  • Entitlement process: they allow you to add timelines (more of that below)
  • Community access to entitlements
  • Service contracts
  • Reporting facility

Entitlement Process

There are several ways to incorporate Entitlements in the support process that you have deployed in your organization. Setting it up is easy; simply put, you link an entitlement to each account for your customers in Salesforce.

On top of that, you may have to enforce support steps that are time-dependent. Examples of which include high priority cases that needs to be resolved within a set span of time (e.g. customer needs a solution within 24 hours).

This is where Entitlement Process comes in. It is a tool that has a customizable timeline. It will include all necessary milestones (i.e. support steps that your team/agents needs to accomplish). After you setup an Entitle Process, you can apply it to as many Entitlements necessary.

How to Create an Entitlement

To create and Entitlement in Salesforce, click the Entitlements tab. If you haven’t done this before then you may have to add Entitlements to your tabs.

In the Entitlements tab, click new. After that, enter the necessary details, which include the entitlement name, type, account name, start date, end date and others. Click save.

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