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What are the Best Ways to utilize Paid and Organic Marketing?

Many business marketers know that there are two types of marketing: paid and organic. However, they often put these two together, and what happens is that they do not fully utilize the extent of strengths each type of marketing can offer them.

Tis article will briefly touch on the difference between paid and organic marketing, as well as the best ways on how to use each of them in a business marketing campaign.

Defining Paid Versus Organic Marketing

Paid marketing is a technique wherein a business directly promotes their marketing content to a specific target customer base. Ads is the most common form of marketing content used, and is a great method for hard selling or winning customers over in a quick span of time.

Organic marketing, on the other hand, is marketing that lets you develop your own brand voice and entices your customers in authentically relating with your brand. This is also termed as inbound marketing and is a great way for new customers to learn more about your entire brand before digging into it.

Techniques for Paid Marketing

Here’s what you can do to improve your paid marketing efforts:

  • Formulate ads with strong keywords. Use the power of long tail keywords to make your ads specific and effective.
  • List your ads on online platforms that give them ample visibility. Utilize Google AdWords, Yahoo, and Bing. Tap into social media such as Facebook and Twitter. You may also consider LinkedIn.
  • Create a strong landing page where customers will be taken to after clicking on your ads. This page must be consistent with your original ad and must contain internal website links and a call to action for the customer.
  • Track your ad to make sure it is performing well. Use tools such as Salesforce and Google Analytics to make it easy for you to track clicks, conversions, traffic, etc.

Techniques for Organic Marketing

Use these tips for developing a strong organic marketing campaign:

  • Connect with customers by publishing well-written SEO-optimized posts related to customer needs that the business’s product can address. Consistent posts that are relevant to your customers are key.
  • Again, utilize social media for promoting your posts. Tag influencers so that they’d be aware of your brand.
  • Monitor your site traffic to help pinpoint which posts are organically found by customers and which posts drive high traffic to the website.
  • Respond well to customers who interact with you on your website. Develop a warm customer environment which will make customers at ease, and will help your brand be established as an authority brand within your niche.


Paid and organic marketing methods are great ways for a brand to be known to its prospective customers. By knowing the difference and the best ways to utilize these marketing methods, a brand can rise up both in terms of sales as well as their trustworthiness and authority in their respective niches.

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