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What is Advanced Formulas module ?

The Advanced Formulas Module is a module found within the Salesforce Trailhead that allows users to learn advanced methods in encoding and in managing formulas in order to manage data more efficiently. Think of this as the advanced version of your MS Excel or Google Sheets. There are currently six units in the module, with specific times and benefits for the user.

Unit I. The Checkbox Formulas: 20 minutes

Teaches you how to encode a formula that returns a checkbox. So if you want to know if company X has Y number of employees, you can use the checkbox formula.

Unit II. The Numbers, Currency, and Percentages in Formulas: 25 minutes

These formulas return a number, a currency, and a percentage in results. If you want to know how much company X is paying your company, the numbers formula can help. If you want to know the currency of their payments, you can use the currency formula. Finally, if you want to know how much of company X’s payments factor in your company’s overall revenue, you can use the percentage formula.

Unit III. Use Date, Date/Time, and Time Formulas: 25 minutes

These formulas are ideal for managing your company, especially for payroll purposes. If you want to know when an employee is late or absent, and if you want to know how many hours he or he spent working, then this formula type will help you.

Unit IV. Use Picklists in Formulas: 25 minutes

This are your dropdown menus, and it will help you make a selection based on the available options from the validation rule you set. This is especially useful if you wish to filter specific information from a set of data comprising multiple categories.

Unit VI. Use Text Formulas: 25 minutes

There are instances when it’s easier for you to interpret information when presented in text format rather than in a number or some other formats. With the right conditions in place, the text formula fields can help you do just that.

Unit VII. Level Up with Advanced Formulas: 30 minutes

The application stage for the different formulas you’ve learned.

Unit VIII. Troubleshoot Formula Errors: 25 minutes

Essentially explains the causes of formula errors and how you can fix them.

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