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What is Advertising Studio Implementation Module?

Advertising Studio is Salesforce’s integrated marketing and CRM solution that allows you to coordinate your marketing campaigns. It was designed to create personalized one to one customer experiences.

Its main features are the following:

  • Lead Capture

  • Journey Builder

  • Advertising Audiences

It is one of the tools that users can take advantage of in Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. It uses customer data generated different channels including email, site conversions, push notifications, and social media.

Using the Advertising Studio Implementation Module

The Advertising Studio Implementation Module helps you learn what Advertising Studio is and how you can use it in your digital marketing campaigns.

It will help you identify the benefits and advantages of using customer relationship management data. It will walk you through several necessary steps such identifying your advertising challenges and designing multichannel ad campaigns that address them.

Through this module you will learn the key features of Advertising Studio, how to take advantage of Advertising Audiences, using CRM data, reduce advertising costs, and plenty of others.

The module not only walks you through the setup process. It also covers how you can implement the very ad campaigns that you have designed.

Part of the lessons that you will cover is mapping implementation tasks. These tasks include integrating social media advertising, creating promotional emails, implementing customer journeys, and others.

It should be noted that this implementation module is not absolutely comprehensive. It doesn’t give all the details for each of the steps –but it provides resources that you can use at the end of every unit that you finish.

Putting It All Together

After implementation Advertising Studio can also help you identify and meet both short and long term goals. The module walks you through how to use your existing data first and then move forward into future prospects.

To learn the basics you can find the Advertising Studio implementation basic module here. After getting a good grip on the basics you can go through the full implementation guide which you can find here.

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