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What Is Alignment with Your Manager Module?

Running a business smoothly doesn’t depend on one person alone. Everyone in the company must be on board, working well towards the enterprise’s success. Goals and ideas must be aligned with the team, the leaders, and the executives so that the company moves forward as a whole.

Managers exist to lead their colleagues in propelling their company forward. Hence, employees must align themselves with their managers to ensure smooth-sailing and productive work output.

Salesforce acknowledges the importance of working together with managers. Hence, they’ve created a module to educate everyone about alignment and its role in enhancing team performance.

Learning Module Overview

Alignment with Your Manager Module is a learning package accessible online via Salesforce Trailhead. It tackles why and how you and your team should align with your company’s manager. The module stresses the importance of teamwork, communication, and professionalism in relating to managers in your team.

This module contains three units and can be completed in around 40 minutes. It can be found under the Manage the Salesforce Way trail. Team leaders and members are the target learners of this module.

Units Overview

The three units under Alignment with Your Manager module are as follows:

  • Learn the Value of Aligning with Your Manager

The first unit is a 15-minute read which talks about the definition of alignment with managers, its value in a team, and why team alignment is also important to your organization.

  • Get to Know Your Manager and Yourself

The second unit focuses on learning more about your manager. You will understand why you need to know about your manager’s goals, motivations, stressors, pain points, and communication styles. You’ll also see the importance of learning the differences and similarities you have with your manager. This unit can be completed in 15 minutes.

  • Move Forward, Together

The third and last unit is a short 10-minute explanation of how you and your manager can move together in your team. This is by opening respectful communication lines, improving your professional relationship, and celebrating successes together as a team.


Alignment with Your Manager Module is Salesforce’s learning material meant for anyone seeking to enhance their company’s overall performance through teamwork and proper leadership. The module presents key information about managerial alignment, team alignment, and why these two are important ingredients for business growth and development.

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