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What is Amount without Manager Adjustment in Salesforce

You can manage you company’s sales expectations, plan, and predict your sales cycle through Collaborative Sales Forecasts in Salesforce. With this you can analyse your opportunity pipelines and then predict the sales quantity as well as the sales revenue.

Amount without Manager Adjustment

There are several forecast numbers that users will see on their screen. One of these forecasting items that users will see is the Amount without Manager Adjustment. Note that this only applies to collaborative forecasts.

Simply put, the Amount without Manager Adjustment is the forecast number that a forecast owner will see on his or her screen. So, what does this figure represent? If you are the one looking at this figure then it represents your total amount of revenue opportunities. If you have subordinates then their revenue opportunities will also be included in this figure.

If you have made any adjustments to the forecasts then that will also be included in the computation of this figure. Also, if you have made any adjustments to the forecasts of your subordinates then the adjustments that you have made will also be reflected as the Amount without Manager Adjustment.

Please take note of the following. They call this as the adjusted amount “without” any possible adjustments made by managers. That means if you have forecast managers above you in the forecast or company hierarchy then any adjustments that they may have made in the forecasts won’t be included in the figures that you will be seeing on your screen.

How to Spot Manager Adjustments in Salesforce

As stated earlier, the one who owns the forecast won’t be able to see the adjusted forecast amount made by his or her manager. If you are the manager and you want to see the figures with the adjustments, where do you look?

The answer is that you need to check the Forecast Amount. This reflects the figures from the manager’s perspective. Note that this will include all forecast adjustments.

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