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What is AMPscript for Non-Developers Module?

So you have heard of AMPscript. You may also have heard of its very useful qualities as a marketing tool. But what is it actually?

What is AMPscript?

AMPscript is a scripting language in Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud. This script can be implanted on landing pages, SMS messages, text emails, and HTML emails.

You can also use it on push notifications which you can get from MobilePush. It can also interact with your data extensions.

Yes, you read that correctly—it is a scripting language. In other words you will have to do some programming.

Now, some marketers may feel slightly intimidated by that prospect. After all, isn’t that kind of thing supposed to be the job of the web designers or something?

Don’t worry. You don’t need a rocket scientist to learn how to write scripts. In fact, AMPscript is fairly easy to understand and use.

You may even already know or understand some of the concepts used in this scripting language.

For instance, you use a pair of  »  » (double quotes) to point out something literally. You use an @ sign to refer to something specific or something that you are searching for.

Why Use AMPscript?

AMPscript expands the functionality that is already afforded to you by the Marketing Cloud platform. By using this scripting language, you can make your customer interactions more personalized.

The following tasks will be a breeze if you use AMPscript:

  • Tracking impressions

  • Adding real time information to your emails (e.g. current time and date)

  • Format and clean your data

  • Use conditional logic to create dynamic emails

  • Use contact and subscriber data to customize and personalize the emails that you send

If you already know a little bit of JavaScript then you will only have a very short learning curve if you want to learn AMPscript. If you are interested in learning more about how to use this scripting language then look it up here.

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