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What Is Analytics App Design Module?

Beautifully-made useful apps attract more users and serve their functions better than standard-made apps. Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics platform is here to help you create streamlined apps fused with powerful features for your customers and partners.

But to create an app, you must also have a basic grasp of app design principles. Build your knowledge about these principles by studying Salesforce’s Analytics App Design Module on Trailhead.

What the Module Is About

Analytics App Design module is an hour-long online study material focused on the principles of designing apps in terms of functionality and aesthetic sense.

The module contains five units that range from 10-15 minutes in length each. The module makes use of a fictitious company, position, and app situations to simplify the concepts and make you comprehend them better.

Access the Analytics App Design module online via the Build and Administer Analytics Trail.

Units Preview

Creating an app in the Einstein Analytics platform is a breeze if you follow the principles of app design and if you know the exact purpose of the app you’ll be building. To help you in your app creation journey, the Analytics App Design Module presents these five information-packed units:

  • Understand the Principles of Good Design

Concepts concerning good app designs are included in this unit. You will learn about the principles of Analytics app design, elements of an Analytic app dashboard, and the high-level app process. A sample app to develop will also be introduced to you here.

  • Ask the Right Questions Before You Build Your App

The unit explains the importance of app purpose, audience appropriateness, and customer empathy. The sample app will be available for you to practice on for determining its purpose and audience need.

  • Create Features with Purpose

This unit teaches you to validate your ideas, create features corresponding with the app purposes, and start structuring the app as you envision it to be. You’ll be asked to tweak the sample app earlier presented to suit the design needs of its target audience.

  • Structure Your App

You will learn about the process of structuring apps in this unit. Layouts and design patterns dominate the material as you go on restructuring the sample app used in the entire module.

  • Make Your App Look Great

Visual appeal for an app’s surface will be the main focus of this final unit. You’ll learn about the app surface’s visual elements, and as you do, you’ll be asked to finalize the look of the sample app and get it ready for polishing and final viewing.

Final Words

Analytics App Design Module is an easy-to-understand and example-laden learning material meant for developers who want to know more about streamlining the visual design and features of their customized apps. Completing the module gives learners the confidence to build beautiful and functional apps that their customers will surely appreciate and enjoy using.

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