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What Is Analytics App Template Development Module?

Einstein Analytics is Salesforce’s AI-powered platform for all things data. You can query data, manage datasets, see data from outside sources through powerful connections, and create custom apps with built-in intelligent analytics.

Custom apps creation and distribution is one of the widely-used features of Einstein Analytics. As such, Salesforce came up with the Analytics App Template Development Module to enhance the knowledge of app developers about utilizing templates to distribute finished apps to customers and business partners.

Definition of the Learning Module

Analytics App Template Development Module is a detailed learning guide for both developers and admins using the Einstein Analytics platform. The module talks about using Analytics Templates to efficiently distribute apps to end-consumers and partners alike.

The module centers its explanation on the premise that you are an IT admin for a fictitious company, so that you may have a better grasp of the concepts surrounding templates use.

You must go through five units in order to complete the module. Challenges in the form of both quizzes and hands-on developer activities are provided to measure your comprehension and retention of topics. The whole module can be completed in approximately 1 hour 40 minutes.

You can access this module under the Build and Administer Analytics trail.

Bird’s Eye View of Unit Topics

Here is a summary of the five units and what you may learn from each of them:

  • Get Started with Analytics Templates

This first unit is 10 minutes long and focuses on how pre-made apps are distributed to other users. Step-by-step guides walk you through logging in with a Developer account to get started on working with templates.

  • Understand How Templates Work

The second unit presents a 20-minute explanation of what templates are, what files they’re made up of, and the app variations they’re capable of supporting. You will also try your hand at creating an app from a basic template.

  • Explore Template Structure

The 20-minute third unit shows you more template structures that go beyond the basic one. You’ll understand what JSON files, variables, UI, and rules are.

  • Make Your Template Smarter by Adding a Wizard

The module’s fourth unit explains how to add wizards and additional dashboards to apps. The learning material can be completed in 20 minutes.

  • Enhance Your Template with App Customization Features

The fifth and last unit focuses on the customized features you can add to your Analytics Apps. Colors, UI components, and Visualforce elements will be discussed. You’ll spend around 30 minutes completing this unit.

The Takeaway

Analytics App Template Development Module is an information-packed learning material designed for frequent users of Einstein Analytics Apps. The module focuses on how templates are created and used to enhance pre-made and custom apps in the Einstein Analytics platform.

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