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What is AngularJS in Salesforce?

HTML has been widely used for creating static web pages. But what if a developer wants to create a web application? It’s a bit hard to use HTML alone for making web apps, hence, users often turn to AngularJS. What is AngularJS, how does it work, how does it integrate to Salesforce, and why do developers love using it?

Definition of AngularJS

AngularJS is a type of web framework used to develop web applications. It is used to create dynamic web apps, as opposed to static web documents. AngularJS is also utilized to create mobile applications. It works by extending the HTML language and syntax to clearly delineate the developed application’s components.

How Does AngularJS Work?

To create an application, HTML needs to enable the browser to do what the app must do. AngularJS does this by utilizing new HTML constructs and teaching the web browser to follow a special kind of syntax called directives. Directives may do the following:

  • Groups HTML to reusable components
  • Provides form validation and form support
  • Features a two-way data binding ability to reflect changes in web apps instantly
  • Binds new behaviors to existing DOM elements

AngularJS takes care of both the AJAX and DOM code that a developer has written, and encloses it within a defined structure. It follows the principle of CRUD apps – Create, Read, Update and Delete. Since most apps are developed via CRUD, AngularJS is useful for developing most, if not all, web and mobile applications.

AngularJS in Salesforce

AngularJS is used to create Visualforce-based web and mobile applications. These apps are used to connect more users on Salesforce and to facilitate easier data sharing within a Salesforce application. Developers easily create apps through technologies like deep linking, injection of dependencies, two-way data binding and creating interactive user interfaces.

Why do Developers Use AngularJS

Salesforce developers use AngularJS for app creation because it significantly lessens the app development time and it produces a great app user interface. AngularJS is easy to use, flexible, and eliminates the need for too much coding.

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