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What is Apex and NET Basics module ?

The Apex and .NET Basics Module introduces you to the similarities between the two programming languages, including a head start in Apex. The units and their short descriptions can be found below.

Unit I. Map .NET Concepts to the Lightning Platform: 25 minutes

Salesforce has invested in a software-as-a-service or Saas platform called Lightning Platform for developers. Everything in the platform is built around metadata so developers can accomplish a lot.

In addition to being introduced to the Lighting Platform, developers will also be introduced to the basics of Apex. Apex is a programming language that offers a point-and-click feature, as well as ‘no-coding-needed- essentials. When using Apex, developers must distinguish whether a code is needed or not.

Unit II. Understand Execution Context: 20 minutes

Execution context in the Lightning Platform is a little different, and you’ll learn more of the specifics in this unit. In summary, using an application that runs on ASP.NET renders a code that is executable in the context of a domain. However, in the Lightning Platform, the execution context is defined as the length of time that the code is executed and when it ends. This means that when as code through Apex, your current code isn’t the only one being executed.

Unit III. Use Asynchronous Apex: 15 minutes

There are times when you need to code using the Asynchronous method in .NET development. This unit explains the three occasions when you need to use asynchronous programming through the Lightning Platform.

First, is when you are processed a huge amount of records. Second, is when you’re designing triggers to make a callout to external web services, and third, is when you want to create a faster and better experience for the end user.

Unit IV. Debug and Run Diagnostics: 15 minutes

Debugging in the Lightning Platform is a little tricky as opposed to how you’ll do it in the Visual Studio. This is because the environment in the Lightning Platform involves the use of the cloud with multiple tenants. You’ll more about debugging in the Lightning Platform in this module.

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