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What is Apex Metadata API Module?

Through this Module, you will be able to simplify the Salesforce Apex app’s setup and enhance the overall experience by utilizing metadata. This module is for developers. The module is divided into 5 units and should take 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete.

Unit 1: Get Started with Apex Metadata API (Duration – 10 minutes)

The objective of this unit is to teach how to identify the different use cases of the Apex Metadata API. You’ll learn how to vastly improve customized user interfaces by using the Apex Metadata API. This API has lots of features that will help you organize the Apex dashboard.

Unit 2: Build Automated Metadata Updates for Multi-Org Deployment (Duration – 30 minutes)

In this unit, you’ll learn how to extract a current metadata and then improve the layout by adding a custom field. You’ll do this without using repetitive codes and processed by utilizing the Apex Metadata API. You will then code a post install script for Salesforce Apex that will deploy metadata updates.

Unit 3: Build Admin Tools for Automated Configuration Changes (Duration – 30 minutes)

You’ve seen the function of the post-install script in the previous unit. However, there will be cases when you need to configure and deploy custom metadata types. This is the main objective of this unit. By the end of the lessons, you will learn how to simplify this configuration process and use the Apex Metadata API to automate these configuration changes.

Unit 4: Test Your Metadata Deployment (Duration – 20 minutes)

Test coverage is an essential part of an Apex code and this is what this unit is all about. You’ll know what you can and cannot do when running tests for your metadata deployment. You’ll also learn how to test metadata containers and callback.

Unit 5: Understand Apex Metadata API and Security (Duration – 10 minutes)

The Salesforce Apex Metadata API is designed to be secure. There are ways to enforce security through the API and you’ll learn them in this unit.

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