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What is App Development with Salesforce DX module ?

This module teaches you how to use Salesforce’s DX interface in order to create, manage, and deploy applications. The module runs for a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes, and cover the following units.

Unit I. Set Up Salesforce DX: 30 minutes

Salesforce DX is a development tool that caters to the life of the development life cycle from start to finish. It is a collection of tools that make collaboration, automation, testing, and release cycles easier to manage between team members. This unit teaches you how to set it up.

Unit II. Get Ready to Create an App: 30 minutes

This unit explains the project structure of Salesforce DX and teaches you how to use the CLI to create a project and to import a sample data. That’s because before you can start developing your app, you need to create a project and import it to your version control system of VCS.

Unit III. Build the Geolocation App Using Salesforce CLI: 45 minutes

This section continues by covering additional function using Salesforce CLI (Command Line Interface) in order to create an Apex class and in order to create a Lightning component.

Unit IV. Build the Account Map Display: 45 minutes

This unit teaches you the Salesforce CLI commands you can use in order to sync your project with your scratch organization. It will also teach you how to create a permission set using the same interface.

Unit V. Convert and Deploy an Existing App: 45 minutes

The final unit in this module will teach you how to use Salesforce CLI in order to set a password on your scratch organisation. It will also teach you how to convert metadata into a source code so that you can use it on Salesforce DX, and how to deploy that metadata in order to test your org application.

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