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What Is Approval Process In Salesforce

The approval process takes Automation in Salesforce one notch higher. This automated process deals with how records in the system get approved. Since this process takes things into autopilot, you will have to define certain rules for approval as well as certain criteria.

Note that in the Approval Process, a record can end up getting rejected. It can also be recalled, or it can also undergo an approval for firs submission. All of these will be handled using Developer defined steps. You can define a single step approval and a multi-step approval process.

The Approval Process Steps

The following are the steps to create an approval in Salesforce:

  1. Go to Setup > Create > Workflow and Approval > Approval Process
  2. Next, you need to select the Object that you will undergo the new approval process.
  3. After that, click on “Create New Approval Process” and then from the drop down menu you need to select “Use Standard Setup Wizard.” The other option on the menu is “Use Jump Start Wizard.” If you want to just create a basic approval process then click this option – note that default settings will apply.

You will then follow the prompts as provided in the setup wizard that you selected. You will be required to enter certain fields such as the Process Name, Unique Name, as well as the process description. You will also be required to specify the entry criteria.

Single Step vs. Multi-Step Approval

As stated earlier, you can define a single step approval as well as a multi-step approval process in Salesforce. If a record matches all the criteria that you specified in the filter then the record will be approved using a Single Step Approval process. A multi-step approval process is necessary if the record doesn’t pass any of the auto approval criteria that you specified. A final approval step may be necessary.

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