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What is Best Case Amount in Salesforce

One of the forecast categories in Salesforce is called “Best Case Amount.” It represents one of the best guesses when you are estimating the possible revenue that you can generate for a given period. These periods can be generated as monthly or quarterly time periods. Of course, you can also specify a custom time period if needed.

What is the Best Case Amount in a Forecast

Simply put, the Best Case Amount forecast category in Salesforce represents the total amount that can be brought in by an account holder that is if all things turn out right in the account holder’s sales and marketing efforts. It is actually the total amount under Best Case, Commit, and Closed categories.

Forecast categories like Best Case Amount, Commit, Closed, and others are not pulled out of thin air. They are not just hunches that have no factual basis. For instance, the Best Case Amount, just like the other figures and categories are based on the opportunities that you create in Salesforce.

Note that you should update these opportunities in order to keep them as accurate as possible. When you keep the figures for opportunities in Salesforce updated, then your forecast for Best Case Amount also becomes more accurate.

Best Case as an Opportunity Stage

You can think of the Best Case Amount as part of the different stages the opportunities that you set in Salesforce. You’ll find several stages or categories on your window, which include the following: closed, commit, best case, pipeline, and omitted.

Pipeline represents the sum of all open opportunities. Commit is the amount that the account holder can confidently generate. Closed is the amount that has been won. Best Case is the sum of all of these categories except for the value in Omitted. The Omitted category represents the opportunities that have been lost.

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