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What Is Blockchain Basics Module?

Blockchain has recently become an essential part of business operations. It is through blockchain technology that most emerging modern businesses run their transactions. It is because blockchains simplify business processes and make transactions fluid and efficient.

Knowledge of blockchains have become important nowadays that Salesforce came up with a module to teach its beginner and advanced business users about this technology. Salesforce teamed up with IBM to create its Blockchain Basics Module.

Blockchain Basics Module Defined

Blockchain Basic Module is a learning track available in Salesforce Trailhead for beginners and advanced business users alike. It was created in collaboration with IBM, who owns some of the features and services described in the module.

This module can be completed within 55 minutes and is divided into five units, namely:

  1. Learn Blockchain Fundamentals – A ten-minute primer presenting basic concepts of blockchain in an easy-to-understand form. (10 minutes)
  1. Go Beyond Bitcoin with Blockchain Networks -Another quick ten-minute read that focuses on the differences and links between bitcoins and blockchain networks (10 minutes)
  1. Learn About the Types of Blockchain Networks – Focuses on differentiating the two main types of blockchain networks.
  1. Learn about Open-Source Blockchain Technologies – Emphasizes the business benefits of blockchain technology, as well as IBM’s views on blockchains for enterprises. (10 minutes)
  1. See Blockchain in Action – Walks a learner through a sample scenario and applies the principles of blockchain networks for better understanding and comprehension of what it’s really all about. (15 minutes)

Quizzes at the end of each unit allow the learner to test his comprehension of the topics presented. Learners may earn 100 points after successful completion of a unit quiz.

Why Take Up this Module?

Old technology made use of ledgers to record transactions between people and organizations surrounding a business. Ledgers have served business units well until today, when it was noted that they gradually became prone to several errors and alterations. Hence, blockchain networks were born and have increasingly taken over the ledger records.

Entrepreneurs of today need essential knowledge of blockchains in order to scale up their business operations to a modern height. Not only are they modernizing their processes, but they are also ensuring efficiency and fluidness by using blockchain networks.

To sum it all up, Salesforce and IBM created this Blockchain Basics Module for users to realize the beauty and value of blockchain networks when correctly applies to business processes. The module is quick, straight-to-the-point, and can be completed in under an hour. Taking up this module is a great way to start integrating this new technology to upgrade an enterprise’s business operations.

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