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What Is Branded Mobile Apps with mySalesforce Module?

Creating a business mobile app is by no means an easy task. Developers have lots of things to consider such as the concept, layout, functionality, and ease of use of the app they envision. Salesforce recognizes this feat and has created a learning module that can help admins and developers simplify the processes of creating branded mobile apps.

Defining Branded Mobile Apps with mySalesforce Module

Salesforce launched their module for app admins and developers called Branded Mobile Apps with mySalesforce. This learning module takes over an hour to complete and covers topics that can help simplify mobile app creation using Salesforce’s platform mySalesforce. The module is available in Trailhead under the Transform Your Business with Mobile trail.

Units under this module include the following:

  1. Get Started with mySalesforce – This is a ten-minute introduction to mySalesforce, a platform where businesses can create and publish their own branded mobile apps easily. It also covers a brief explanation of why the modern market demands the use of mobile technology to aid in business operations.
  1. Create Your Branded App – This unit explains how to create a mobile app from scratch under mySalesforce platform. It is 20 minutes long and includes step-by-step guidelines to help learners follow along faster.
  1. Test and Submit the App – Once the draft version of the app is ready, it’s time to put it to the test. This 25-minute long unit covers step-by-step details on how the drafted new mobile app is tested and submitted to application stores (Android and Apple) for approval.
  1. Maintain the App – This last unit is a ten-minute read about the newly-created app’s maintenance and upgrade procedures.

Learners answer quiz questions at the end of each unit to assess their comprehension of the topics under this module.

Are Mobile Apps Really Important?

The demand for modern businesses to be visible in the mobile world is inevitable. Several users want businesses to have branded mobile apps as they are easier to access, and therefore easier to transact business with. Hence, brands who do not utilize mobile technology through apps are bound to have weaker customer engagement than those who have mobile apps.

In summary, Salesforce wants to help brand owners scale up their businesses by making their presence known in the mobile world. An efficiently-made branded mobile app may seem like a daunting task for developers, but with the Branded Mobile Apps with mySalesforce Module, Salesforce hopes to simplify the mobile app creation experience.

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