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What is Bucketing in Salesforce

A bucket is a custom category that you define in reporting. Bucketing is a report and documentation feature in Salesforce. This feature allows you, the user, to easily and quickly categorize the records of different reports. This allows you to do just that without having to create a custom field or creating a formula.

Note that when you create a bucket field in Salesforce you are actually defining multiple categories which are also known as buckets. What this does is it puts different report values into separate groups.

This feature is available in different versions of Salesforce. These versions include Salesforce Lighting Experience, Classic, Developer Edition, Unlimited, Performance, and Enterprise. This reporting feature is also available in Legacy Folder Sharing as well as in Enhanced Folder Sharing.

How to Add a Bucket Field

Account users can create a bucket field which will contain buckets or report categories. These buckets are where you categorize or organize the report data that you generate.

You can actually add a total of 5 bucket fields for each report that you want to work with. Each bucket field can hold up to 20 buckets.

To add or create a bucket field:

  1. Go to the Fields pane which you can find in the report builder
  2. Double click “Add Bucket Field.” Alternatively you can drag it to the report preview to initiate the bucket field creation process. You can also do the same thing by clicking on a field in a report on the column menu.
  3. From the options that come up select “Bucket this Field.”
  4. After that you should edit the bucket field that has been created.
  5. You need to select the type of that field. Field options include text bucket field, picklist bucket field, and numeric bucket field.

Note that the fields of other types are currently not supported. Remember that a bucket field in Reports are just used to group values.

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