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What Is Business Value of Equality Module?

Equality is an important value that is often forgotten in workplaces nowadays. Salesforce understands that equality must be brought back to all workplaces and beyond, so they created a Trailhead Module specifically addressing the importance of equality, diversity, and inclusiveness. We’ll take a peek at what learning insights this module will bring to its users.

Defining the Module

Business Value of Equality Module is a 45-minute online learning resource regarding inclusiveness and equality in the workplace. It was developed by Salesforce as an effort to revive the impact of equality in workplaces. The module is accessible on Trailhead under the Cultivate Equality at Work trail.

There are three units to be completed in this module, all of which include short 5-item multiple-choice questions to be completed at the end of each unit. Answering all the questions successfully gives 300 points to the learner’s credentials.

Links to additional relevant online reading resources are also available after each unit has been finished.

Unit Sneak Peek

The three units under the Business Value of Equality Module include the following:

  • Understand the Importance of Diversity and Inclusion at Work

The first unit is a 10-minute read explaining diversity, inclusion, and the impact of these two on society and business. The importance of a diverse workforce is also discussed here.

  • Explore the Salesforce Strategy for Promoting Workplace Equality

In this 25-minute second unit, the reasons behind Salesforce’s ardent campaign for equality are revealed. Unique Salesforce efforts to promote equality within and outside the workplace are also enumerated and explained.

  • Learn About the Salesforce Ohana Groups

This third and final unit explains the Hawaiian concept of Ohana, how Salesforce incorporated this concept into their culture, and what Ohana Groups are all about. The unit also details how these groups help establish diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

In a Nutshell

Business Value of Equality Module is an easy-to-understand learning material aimed at improving the state of equality within and outside the workforce. It outlines the importance of equality, inclusion, and diversity. It also offers an insight into the various efforts that Salesforce does to preserve equality among its workforce.

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