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What is Career Development Planning Module?

Planning a career is such a daunting task. Newbies and professionals alike will need some guidance in forging their own IT paths, especially is they are considering to advance their careers in a successful yet highly-competitive company such as Salesforce.

Are you a newbie wanting to show the tech world the skills you’ve got to jumpstart a great career? Or are you an experienced professional looking for ways to improve your career within Salesforce? Either way, the Career Development Planning Module can help you plan for a fruitful and successful career within Salesforce.

What This Module is All About

The Career Development Planning Module is created by Salesforce for those who want to know how they can build up their careers within the Salesforce ecosystem. It can be completed in under an hour and is comprised of the following units:

  • Assess Yourself – 10 minutes
  • Explore Career Options – 15 mins
  • Create a Plan and Skill Up – 10 mins
  • Land Your Next Opportunity – 15 mins

The module can be found under the Build Your Career in the Salesforce Ecosystem trail.

A Closer Look at the Units

There are four easy-to-understand units within the Career Development Planning Module. Here’s a closer look at what each unit has to offer.

  • Assess Yourself

This unit contains an overview of the career development process. It explains the importance of assessing what you want in a career, looking at your motivations, and formulating a plan for success.

  • Explore Career Options

This unit covers possible career pathways and labor market trends that can help you decide where your career will go. It also presents an overview of different Salesforce positions and the skills you’ll need for each of them. You can choose your career path by deeply studying this part of the module.

  • Create a Plan and Skill Up

Here you will learn how to create a specific action plan to reach your intended career goals. You will find recommendations for learning and growth based on what Salesforce career path you want to follow.

  • Land Your Next Opportunity

You will find ideas for properly presenting yourself in order to get that dream Salesforce job you’re aiming for. This unit has tips for creating good resumes, pitches, and for developing your personal brand. It also presents ideas on where to look for Salesforce job opportunities.

Summing It Up

Salesforce’s Career Development Planning Module is a great tool for people who aspire to start or further their respective careers on Salesforce. It is a practical learning guide that will help in deciding which Salesforce path is right for them and how to get there.

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