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What is Change Data Capture Basics Module?

Companies have a large amount of customer and corporate data which are stored not just on Salesforce, but on other external platforms as well. The need to work on massive amounts of data from other platforms have led Salesforce to develop ways to easily transfer and reconcile these external data towards the Salesforce platform. Hence, they created the Change Data Capture feature on Salesforce Lightning Experience.

More developers have expressed their need to learn more about Change Data Capture in Salesforce Lightning. This is why Salesforce included a short trailhead course on the topic.

Defining Change Data Capture Basics Module

Salesforce’s Change Data Capture Basics Module is an intermediate-level trailhead course targeted at developers and intermediate users. It talks about Salesforce Lightning’s Change Data Capture streaming service. The module teaches learners the basics of external data synchronization via the Change Data Capture service.

The module has three units and can be completed within 35 minutes. It is found under the Manage Your Salesforce Data and External Data trail.

What to Learn in This Module

The module is divided into three units which can be completed at around 10-15 minutes each.

  • Understand Change Data Capture

Learners are introduced to the concept of external data synchronization and Change Data Capture streaming services. The unit explains why Change Data Capture is used and when it must be utilized. An example app situation is included at the end of the unit to further illustrate how Change Data Capture works.

  • Learn Change Data Capture Characteristics

This unit focuses on the various characteristics that Change Data Capture has. Learners will gain understanding of key concepts such as subscription channels, change event, object support, and fields included in an event message.

  • Subscribe to an Event Channel

This unit is all about applying the concepts learned in the previous two chapters. The learner will be walked through exercises that let them make updates and changes in Salesforce data using Change Data Capture features.


Change Data Capture Basics Module is a learning tool on Salesforce trailhead that teaches users how to synchronize externally-sourced data into Salesforce using Lightning’s Change Data Capture streaming services. It is a great tool for developers wanting to enhance their skills in data synchronization and reconciliation.

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