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What is Change Set Development Model Module?

There are times when changes in an app are deemed necessary in order for ongoing operations to run smoothly. There could be a new feature that must be added, or an additional functionality that must be rolled-out. How do developers ensure that these changes are completed and published without affecting the existing functions of their apps? Enter Change Set Development Model.

Change Set Development is a Salesforce concept that enables developers to make changes to certain apps through the use of change sets deployed in sample environments called sandboxes.

Now, Salesforce created an intermediate-level module for developers to easily grasp the concepts of Change Set Development Model. This module will be briefly explained in this post.

Definition of the Change Set Development Model Module

The Change Set Development Model Module is a 30-minute learning material that aims to simplify understanding and use of declarative change sets to create updates in an application’s lifecycle management. The module is found on the Developer Intermediate trail. It consists of three units that can be finished in 10 minutes each.

What to Learn in the Module

Here is an overview of the lessons presented in this module:

  • Plan for Changes to Your Org

Learners will gain understanding of the Application Lifecycle Management and how to integrate this to make changes in their respective Salesforce orgs. The unit also focuses on how to make release plans, prepare release environments for each sandbox, and how to establish a change-tracking method through Metadata API.

  • Develop and Test Changes Locally

This unit gives learners step-by-step instructions on how to create change sets and how to upload them to an org. Authorization of deployment connections as a security measure for orgs accepting change sets are also explained. The unit also talks about circumstances necessitating cloning of change sets.

  • Test in the Integration Environment and Deploy Changes

This unit focuses on concepts surrounding final deployment of change sets to the new integration sandbox up until the final rollout of changes in the apps. It tackles how to run tests to ensure that changes work harmoniously without negatively affecting the sandbox’s original functionality. Step-by-step instructions on how to clone outbound change sets and how to validate inbound change sets are also included in the unit.

A Note from Salesforce Trailhead

It is recommended that a learner completes the Application Lifecycle and Development Models module before moving on to this learning material. This way, learners are better equipped to understand Change Set Development Models on the Salesforce Lightning platform.

Summing It Up

Learn the basics of creating updates on application lifecycle management systems through the Change Set Development Model Module in Trailhead. Lessons are clearly presented with examples and step-by-step instructions. This is indeed a valuable resource for developers and intermediate users alike.

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