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What Is Channel Order App Basics Module?

Isn’t it exciting to create, roll-out, and sell an amazing app for your business? But the hard part comes when you assess that your marketing and sales efforts aren’t scaling up. You’re not totally reaching your target customers and aren’t pushing up your revenue potential.

This is where becoming a Salesforce AppExchange partner comes in. Becoming a partner means you can successfully grow your app business through the powerful platform of Salesforce’s AppExchange.

As a Salesforce AppExchange partner, you get access to a wide range of tools to help your marketing and sales efforts succeed. One such tool is the Channel Order App.

Salesforce created a module to help users like you navigate well through this tool. Here’s what you need to know about the Channel Order App Basics Module.

What the Module Is About

What do you do when orders for your app come rushing in? As a Salesforce AppExchange partner, you manage them through the Channel Order App tool.

Channel Order App Basics is a Trailhead module focused on everything the Channel Order App is here for. It’s a module to help you learn about submitting and managing your customer’s orders through this app. You’ll get a grasp of how Salesforce invoices your orders under a shared-revenue agreement, what components of an app order are, and how to track your orders properly.

The module is a 50-minute read comprised of 4 units. It is accessible through the Grow Your Business as an AppExchange Partner trail. It’s the 7th out of the 9 modules in the said trail.

Sneak Peek at the Four Units

Here are the four units you’ll go through under the Channel Order App Basics Module:

  • Get Started with the Channel Order App

The first unit introduces you to the Channel Order App and gives you an overview of what to expect from it. You’ll also understand why it is imperative to use the app to manage your orders as a Salesforce AppExchange partner.

  • Create Orders

It’s all about order creation in the second unit. You’ll learn about order components, proper order type selection, and the right order creation process in the Channel Order App.

  • Track Order Status

The third unit will let you in on interpreting order statuses, tracking your orders through the app, and deciphering and acting on order errors.

  • Ensure Order Accuracy

The last unit goes through the processes that help ensure the accuracy of your orders. Here, you’ll understand invoicing, license agreements, and acting on customers’ needs.

In a Nutshell

Channel Order App Basics module is a useful guide in learning how to submit, manage, and track orders through Salesforce’s Channel Order App. Salesforce AppExchange partners looking to manage their app orders and scale up their app revenues will benefit the most from going through this module.

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