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What Is Channel Sales for Partners Module?

Effective channel sales management is rooted in excellent relationships with your channel partners. Salesforce helps brands jumpstart and nurture such mutually-beneficial partnerships through its Sales Cloud Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform.

Now, Salesforce created a learning module on Trailhead for brands to learn how to personalize their respective partnership experiences with their channel partners. It’s called Channel Sales for Partners, and we’ll get a bird’s eye view about this module on this quick post.

The Module Defined

Channel Sales for Partners is a Salesforce Trailhead module containing topics about enriching the channel sales partnership experience through personalization and technology. Learners will get ideas on personalization in the following important partnership concepts:

  • Partner Onboarding and Training
  • Communication and Establishment of Partner Loyalty
  • Online Channel Sales Expansion
  • Digitally-Connected Partnership Portals

The module contains four units that can be completed in around 10 minutes each, for a total of 40 minutes. Channel Sales for Partners is accessible under the Manage Your Partner Relationships with Sales Cloud PRM trail.

Units Overview

Let’s now move on to the four individual units that make up the Channel Sales for Partners module.

1. Personalize the Partner Experience

This unit introduces you to the concept of creating partner experiences that are streamlined and seamless. You’ll understand why personalization is key to winning partners’ loyalty, as well as why excellent digital experiences help drive personalization forward.

2. Reimagine Your Partner Training and Onboarding

Since partners are not necessarily experts in a brand niche or product, they’ll need some training to get acquainted with what they’re about to sell. This central idea is the focus of this unit. You’ll discover why convenient and effective onboarding and training tactics are necessary to help partners move with you towards partnership success.

3. Expand Channel Sales Online

Channel sales is moving towards digitization, and this module will help brands realize the need to shift transactional sales to an easier as-a-service (XaaS) business model. You’ll also see why the shift can empower partner relationships with minimal resources needed.

4. Boost Sales with Connected Partner Portals

The last unit focuses on the need to use connected partner portals to boost product sales. You’ll learn how streamlined portals result in better content journeys, communication, marketing, and brand loyalty between channel partners.

The Wrap-Up

Channel Sales for Partner Module is a Salesforce online learning material that shows users the importance of nurturing channel partnerships through personalization. The module also focuses on the use of digital streamlined portals to successfully achieve personalization. All these will ultimately lead to enhanced brand loyalty and better sales profits for both brands and their partners.

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