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What Is Chatter Administration for Lightning Experience Module?

Chatter is Salesforce’s enterprise collaboration software platform used by organizations running on Salesforce platforms. It can be used as a company social network, intranet, and employee directory.

The thing is, Chatter is used in different ways in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience. Hence, the Chatter Administration for Lightning Experience module is here to guide users on how to use the software properly in a Lightning Experience platform.

What the Module Is About

Salesforce comes in two different interfaces: Classic and Lightning. Salesforce Lightning is a modern rendition of the Classic platform, with better tools, streamlined user interface, and mobile-friendly platforms.

Now, the Salesforce Chatter software can be run in both interfaces, albeit in a different way. Chatter Administration for Lightning Experience module deals with the basics of running Chatter inside Salesforce Lightning. It’s a four-unit learning material that can be completed in approximately an hour and ten minutes.

The module is included in two trails, namely:

  • Get Started with Lightning Experience
  • Learn CRM Fundamentals for Lightning Experience

You’ll learn basic Chatter concepts and how they’re applied and used in Salesforce Lightning Experience platforms. You will also discover how to create a rollout strategy to make Chatter your company’s social collaboration tool.

The Units and What to Learn from Them

The four units comprising this Chatter for Salesforce Lightning module include the following:

1. Get Started with Chatter

The first unit is a 20-minute read on the basics of Chatter. You’ll get an overview of the program alongside basic concepts on elements such as Groups, Profiles, and Email Notifications.

2. Enable Feed Tracking

The second unit is all about feed tracking and how it is enabled and customized in Chatter for Lightning. You can complete the unit in around 15 minutes.

3. Approve Records from a Chatter Feed

The third unit gives you an overview of what Approvals are and how they’re used in Chatter. Requests, Processes, and Post Templates are discussed in detail. You’ll need around 25 minutes to complete this unit.

4. Develop a Rollout Strategy

The fourth and last unit is a quick 10-minute read on how to create a launching strategy for Chatter in your company. You’ll also learn the steps to turn on Chatter for your organization.

Summing It Up

Chatter Administration for Lightning Experience is a detailed yet easy-to-understand guide on how to start using Chatter on a Lightning Experience platform. It contains explanations and step-by-step guides on setting up the communication program on your Lightning org.

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