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What Is Chatter Administration for Salesforce Classic Module?

Salesforce works on two platforms – Classic and Lightning Experience. Lightning is a bit more modern and advanced than Classic. But still, several people utilize Salesforce Classic for their organizations.

Now, Salesforce’s social collaboration tool called Chatter can be used on both platforms. However, they are used in different ways, and there are some features included in Lightning that are not included in Classic.

Salesforce launched the Chatter Administration for Salesforce Classic module to guide users in enabling and navigating through Chatter in the old Classic platform. We’ll sift quickly through the module’s units in this post so that you’ll know what to expect in this module.

Defining the Module

Chatter Administration for Salesforce Classic is a learning module that runs for an hour and twenty minutes. It discusses how to use Salesforce Chatter in the traditional Classic user interface.

The module is comprised of five units, each completable in 10-20 minutes depending on the length and breadth of topics per unit. Step-by-step guides are presented along with explanations of how Chatter and its elements work inside Salesforce Classic.

Chatter Administration for Salesforce Classic module is included on the Learn CRM Fundamentals for Salesforce Classic trail. It’s the 6th module out of the 8 learning materials on the said trail.

The Five Units Uncovered

Here’s a quick view on what the five units of the Chatter for Salesforce Classic module is all about.

1. Get Started with Chatter

This 20-minute read is loaded with the basic concepts of Chatter, such as the following:

  • Profiles
  • Groups
  • Email Notifications
  • Categorizing Topics
  • Updates
  • Content Posting

You’ll find introductory explanations about these concepts, as well as step-by-step guides on how to start using these elements on your own Chatter profile.

2. Enable Feed Tracking

This unit focuses on feed tracking, how it is enabled, and how it can be customized inside Chatter. It’ll take you around 15 minutes to grasp the contents of this unit.

3. Create Publisher Actions

Give yourself another 15 minutes to complete this next unit. You’ll understand what Actions are, how it is created, and how it can be added to the Chatter publisher. All these things will help you add extra functionality in your Chatter and in your entire Salesforce org as well.

4. Approve Records from the Feed

This 20-minute read focuses on what Approvals are in Chatter. You’ll learn how to enable Approvals and how to create Approval Processes using a built-in wizard.

5. Develop a Rollout Strategy

This short 10-minute unit teaches you how to define a rollout strategy and how to actually set-up and enable Chatter for your org.

In a Nutshell

Chatter Administration for Salesforce Classic is a module that lets users learn about Chatter use within the Salesforce Classic platform. It has easy-to-understand yet comprehensive guides on how Chatter is configured, used, and rolled-out to an org.

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