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What Is Communities in Financial Services Cloud Module ?

The financial industry needs a trusty CRM program to provide them with specific services that will improve wealth management. Salesforce realized this, and has thus created the Financial Services Cloud to address this need.

Financial Services Cloud contains a lot of new features, but it also carries vital components carried over from other Service Cloud variants. One of these crucial components is Salesforce Communities. Learning the concept of Communities in the context of the Financial Services Cloud perspective is important to properly navigate this financial CRM.

Salesforce created a free learning module for admins to learn more about Communities. It’s called Communities in Financial Services Cloud Module. Learn more about the module in this article.

Defining the Module

Financial Services Cloud Module is an online learning content that lets users know what communities are, how they are enabled in an org, and how they are created. The module consists of 2 units that can both be completed in 20 minutes each. This module is available under Inspire Customer Loyalty with Financial Services Cloud.

Units end with a simple quiz to test understanding of the learning materials. Links to valuable resources are also included at each conclusion of the unit topics.

Unit Sneak Peek

Learners will be asked to complete 2 units under the Financial Services Cloud Module. Here’s a quick peek at what they will be teaching its users:

  • Get Started with Communities

What are communities and how is it activated in Salesforce? These questions will be answered in the Get Started with Communities unit. The first unit walks learners through a simple definition of Communities in the context of the Financial Services Cloud. It also contains step-by-step instructions on how to enable Communities in a Salesforce Lightning Experience org.

  • Create a Community and Make It Secure

Learners will take their Communities knowledge up a notch in this second unit. The lessons now shift to the actual creation of a Community within an org. Learners will delve on how to set up user profiles and community security. They will also learn the essential components to be used in building a community.

The Takeaway

Creating a Community within the Salesforce org is crucial to a successful communication and knowledge-sharing among the members of your Financial Services Cloud. This easy-to-understand module is designed to help learners grasp the main concepts of Communities and apply them properly to their respective orgs.

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