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What Is Community Cloud Basics Module ?

Online communities are amazing places to connect with people that matter the most in your company. You can exchange information, brainstorm new ideas, and collaborate on projects easily without even having to meet face-to-face. You can create more projects, close more deals, and funnel in more income for your company when you utilize communication via an online community.

Community Cloud is a program offered by Salesforce that lets you organize multiple online communities within your org to serve different purposes for your company. And to help you navigate smoothly around this cloud-based feature, Salesforce presents its Community Cloud Basics Module.

The Module Defined

Community Cloud Basics Module is a 55-minute online learning material designed to teach users the ropes of the Community Cloud. It is divided into 4 easy-to-read units that lasts 10-15 minutes each. The module is great for admins, although most users will greatly benefit from reading through it as well.

You can find Community Cloud Basics Module in the following trails:

  • Expand Your Reach with Communities
  • Keep Customers Happy with Service Cloud for Salesforce Classic

The learning materials are based on an example of a fictitious community in-action. This is to help you better understand how the Community Cloud actually works.

You’ll also find additional reading materials in the links after each unit content. They are designed to help you widen your newfound knowledge about the Community Cloud.

What the Units Offer

The module consists of these four units:

  • Get Started with Community Cloud

The first unit in this module talks about the basic definition of a community, how it helps improve engagement with core people in your company, and how Community Cloud benefits your org as a whole. The unit can be completed in 10 minutes.

  • Engage with Your Customers

This second unit tackles how the Community Cloud can be used to enhance engagement with customers, a crucial core of people your company constantly relates to. It also explains how to integrate to Service Cloud to keep your customers happy and satisfied. The unit can be finished in 15 minutes.

  • Engage with Your Partners

The third unit offers a 15-minute explanation of how the Community Cloud can help foster a robust and collaborative relationship with your business partners. It outlines tools that both your company and your partners can use to become more productive together.

  • Engage with Your Employees

The fourth and final unit equips learners with the knowledge to use Community Cloud to improve employee relationships within the company. The 15-minute read explains how to personalize the employee experience and make them happier and more productive in the long run.

Wrapping It Up

Salesforce’s Community Cloud Basics Module is a great learning tool for anyone who wants to know how to improve engagement with customers, business partners, and colleagues through the Community Cloud. Learners will hopefully improve their communication within the org thanks to the Community Cloud.

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