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What Is Community Rollout Strategy Module ?

Establishing a community within a Salesforce org doesn’t just magically and perfectly happen. It takes a bit of planning and strategizing to be able to make the most out of the Community Cloud platform. Once your community is built and launched, you must also continuously take steps to nurture it and improve the relationships of the people included within it.

Salesforce created a module to guide you on how you can properly build, roll-out, and maintain a community within the org. Here is an overview of the Community Rollout Strategy Module.

Module Definition

Community Rollout Strategy Module is a 5-unit learning material accessible on the Trailhead via the Expand Your Reach with Communities trail. It contains an in-depth explanation of how to plan a detailed community rollout and how to keep members engaged after the community has been launched.

Learners can complete the lessons within the module in approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. Quizzes and hands-on challenges are included at the end of each unit lesson. They measure how well a learner is able to comprehend and absorb the concepts presented in the lessons. The challenges also let learners experience first-hand how the rollout strategies work in their respective orgs.

Unit Offerings

The five units under this module are:

  • Plan Your Community Rollout – 15 minutes

Learners will get a head-start on the phases of a community rollout and community implementation planning. It also outlines the important role of a community manager.

  • Create Community Users and a Sharing Set – 30 minutes

This unit teaches the different community licenses and which of them to assign to members depending on their needs. Learners will also create community users and know how to secure their community through share groups and sharing sets.

  • Choose a Community Type and Template – 15 minutes

The unit focuses on the differences between Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce template and the Customer Service template. It also shows important features of the Customer Service template.

  • Set Up a Basic Community and Learn About Additional Features – 20 minutes

Learners are guided by a step-by-step guide on creating a basic community and adding members to it. It also explains additional Salesforce features that can be added to maximize the functions of the community.

  • Maximize Community Member Engagement – 20 minutes

This final unit focuses on creating etiquette rules for the community, measuring community success through integrated data, and setting up the Reputation feature. All these add to empowering community members and engaging them adequately.

In a Nutshell

Community Rollout Strategy Module is a detailed guide on how community managers will establish, launch, moderate, and continuously nurture a community within the Salesforce org. By doing so, managers can help forge better communication between colleagues, partners, and clients.

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