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What Is Community Search Basics Module ?

Lots of information are available in the vast world of the online Community Cloud. Information is freely passed around from member to member and pooled together to create a rich resource for anyone who needs it.

But perhaps your community members may find it hard to quickly locate the information they need within the platform. They’d have to scroll through hundreds of messages, posts, and information before they actually find the right information that answers their questions.

This is why Salesforce came up with the idea of enhancing the Community Cloud with Search features.

So, how do you enable this feature inside your Community Cloud org? Salesforce’s Community Search Basics Module shows you how it’s done.

The Module Defined

Community Search Module is a 4-unit learning material focused on the basic procedures of activating a Search feature within the Community Cloud platform. The first unit is a 10-minute read, while the remaining three units can be completed in 20 minutes each.

This module is available on Salesforce Trailhead under two trails, namely:

  • Expand Your Reach with Communities
  • Customize Your Community

Images and screenshots are used throughout the module to enhance your learning. Quizzes are also available for you to take at the end of each unit. Extra reading materials can be accessed through the links at the end of every lesson.

Bird’s Eye View of the Units

Here is a quick overview of the things you’ll learn in the module’s 4 units:

  • Search in Salesforce Communities

You will learn about the importance and benefits of customized search for your community. You’ll also see the search features that people want and need to use to find relevant results fast.

  • Tailor Global Search to Your Community

The unit starts with a refresher on creating a community, then swiftly moves on to how to enable and use Global Search Results. The unit also covers concepts on Autocomplete, All Results, and Search Result Filtering.

  • Set Up Search Customizations

You can take your search features up a notch through the two customizations that this unit will teach you. Learn how to add synonym groups and how to gain search results from external sources using Federated Search.

  • Make Better Decisions with Analytics

Search results generated within your community can be analyzed through various tools that will be presented in this unit. The importance of search analysis and reports will also be discussed.

Summing It All Up

Community Search Basics Module is a great learning material for community managers looking to enhance their Community Cloud orgs with a helpful search feature. By doing so, managers can improve the flow of information in their respective orgs and keep their members engaged and in-the-know.

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