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What Is Company-Wide Org Settings Module ?

Your Salesforce org stores a wide range of information about your company. It includes data about your corporate information and finances. But did you know that you can access and manage these sensitive company data in an easy yet secured manner?

This is where org settings come in. Org settings let you view, check, and change data related to your company information and financial management. Unsure how to do this? Let Salesforce’s Company-Wide Org Settings Module show you how.

Defining the Module

Company-Wide Org Settings Module is a short but jam-packed module that discusses ways on how to view and update essential data describing your company. It also features a detailed discussion on currency settings and how to set and manage a corporate currency.

The module consists of only two units. Step-by-step guides help you in trying out the various features regarding data updates and currency management. Hands-on challenges and a quiz will test your newfound knowledge and give you a practical feel on how to update you own org’s data properly.

The entire module can be completed in 25 minutes and is accessible on Trailhead via the Admin Advanced trail.

Units Overview

Company-Wide Org Settings Module is made up of two units:

  • Learn About Regional Settings – 15 minutes

When your company uses Salesforce, you store basic yet valuable information about your company. This information is called Company Settings and is often taken once you’ve purchased a Salesforce product. Company settings are comprised of a number of information, including data about company information, fiscal year information, and support information.

This first unit teaches you how to properly configure your Company Settings to accurately reflect your company’s identity. It also explains the concept of Locale Settings and walks you through the proper way of updating them.

  • Discover Multiple Currency Settings – 10 minutes

Setting up your company’s preferred and accepted currencies lets you inform your clients ahead of time so that they are prepared to transact with you smoothly in the future. Individuals within the org can also specify the currencies they wish to use corresponding to the settings of where they do their business.

This last unit ramps up your skills on setting up, activating, and managing currencies for your org. It also lets you in on how to update conversion rates and how to do advanced currency management.


Company-Wide Org Settings Module is a short but informative learning module where users can understand their company information and currency settings. All the information may seem initially petty, but learning to navigate through them is key to a more effective engagement between your company and your clients.

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