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What Is CPQ Specialist Certification Maintenance Module?

Specialist skills certifications are an important part of a person’s portfolio if he wants to move up the Salesforce corporate and technical ladder. A CPQ certification is among the many skills one may acquire in order to advance into Salesforce positions such as Implementation Consultant or a Technical Architect.

But a deeper reason resides in a person wanting to gain a CPQ Specialist Certification. It is the advancement of knowledge when it comes to CPQ software. Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) software aids businesses in the adequate pricing of their goods, which is crucial to company growth.

The CPQ Specialist Certification Maintenance Module Defined

Becoming a CPQ specialist takes lots of learning time. A candidate must take and pass a specialist exam for this to happen. The exam is divided into four sections:

  1. Products and Bundles
  2. Quote Templates
  3. Pricing and Discounts
  4. CPQ Platform

Once a candidate satisfactorily passes these four sections, he is granted the specialist certification for CPQs. But it doesn’t end there. It is imperative for certified CPQ specialists to maintain their credentials annually. To help them do this, Salesforce has created a special learning module called the CPQ Specialist Certification Maintenance Module.

This is a ten-minute module designed to give existing CPQ specialists a heads-up on what’s new and what’s out in the CPQ world. It only contains one unit which tackles all the important updates in one go.

Updates on the following topics are available in this module:

  • Quote and Payment Improvements
  • Line Selection
  • Contract Status Visibility
  • Prorate Multipliers
  • CPQ Browser Performance Improvement

The latest version of this module is designed for CPQ specialists due to renew their credentials for the Spring ’18. The module is accessible via Trailhead under the Maintain Your Salesforce Certifications trail.

Why Update CPQ Credentials?

A successful CPQ specialist candidate must not just rely on his initial exam scores in order to truly become a CPQ specialist. He must also be aware of several updates in the CPQ world. Seeing that the CPQ world is as fast-paced as ever before, old trends that might have been what the specialist used to know by heart might be replaced with newer and better concepts.

That is why updating his CPQ credentials annually is important. And that is why Salesforce created this quick module to serve as his guide and refresher at the same time. The end result of it all? The CPQ specialist will be able to serve his company better by incorporating his updated knowledge into the pricing practices and processes of his company.

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