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What Is CRM for Lightning Experience Module?

Salesforce has this Lightning Experience platform that is basically an upgraded version of the original CRM platform. Lightning boasts of a modernized user interface combined with powerful features that enhances sales team performances and helps them earn more successful customer deals.

This modern user interface can be used in both desktop and mobile Salesforce applications. However, Salesforce Lightning Experience is not readily available across all CRM editions. That is why Salesforce created a module that will give learners an idea of how Lightning Experience works in contrast to the traditional Salesforce CRM interface.

Defining the Module

Salesforce CRM for Lightning Experience Module is a 40-minute module available across several learner levels including Admins, Beginners, and Business Users. There are two units under this module:

  1. Get Started with Salesforce CRM – This unit focuses on the basics of CRM, what Salesforce is all about, and what Lightning Experience is. Here, the learner will discover how CRM programs like Salesforce works and includes several basic terminologies as well.

From there, the unit introduces the Lightning Experience and outlines various basic features it carries, comparing it to the usual Salesforce platform earlier presented in the unit.

The unit lasts a total of 25 minutes to complete.

  1. Navigate Setup – This unit teaches the learner step-by-step details on how to navigate around the Lightning Experience platform. It gives a tour of the Setup interface, the Navigation Bar, and App Launcher, to name a few. Aside from the step-by-step guides, screengrabs of various interfaces are included for the learner’s easy reference.

The unit can be completed in 15 minutes.

Follow this module in Trailhead under any of these trails:

  • Build Apps fast with Salesforce Platform Services
  • Grow Faster with CRM
  • Learn CRM Fundamentals for Lightning Experience
  • Get Started with Lightning Experience

In a Nutshell

CRM for Lightning Experience Module is a great resource for the beginner Salesforce user, as well as for those who want to go back to the basics. It’s also a wealth of learning materials for the experienced Salesforce user who has never tried out Lightning Experience before. Easy-to-understand terms and accompanying screengrabs of interface differences make this module an interesting learning tool for every Salesforce user.

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