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What Is CRM for Salesforce Classics Module?

Need a quick introduction into the unfamiliar world of CRM software? Salesforce has got it covered. Being one of the world’s largest CRM software provider on the cloud, they managed to put together a quick and no-fuss guide for the newcomers in CRM – the Salesforce Classics learning module.

Defining the CRM for Salesforce Classics Module

This simple 30-minute module covers an overview of what Salesforce Classic is all about. It is ideal for Admins, Beginners, and Business Users alike. The lessons are mostly geared towards those who are just starting out their venture into the CRM world.

There are two fifteen-minute units under this module that includes the following:

  1. Understand Salesforce – This unit focuses on introducing the learner to Salesforce. It gives the following information to the learners:
  • What CRM actually means
  • What Salesforce CRM platform is all about
  • How Salesforce organizes customer data
  • Various Salesforce editions
  • Salesforce Mobile App
  • How Salesforce works inside a business operation
  • Sample company scenarios

In fifteen minutes, the learner will familiarize himself with the basics of Salesforce Classic CRM use and how this platform will change his company’s operations for the better.

A quiz at the end of this unit helps the learner assess his understanding of the concepts tackled in the unit. When successfully completed, the learner earns 100 points from the quiz.

  1. Navigate and Personalize Salesforce – From an overview of the Salesforce Classic platform, the learners will now enter this second unit which points out how to navigate the Salesforce Classic interface. Tabs and records are introduced to the learner. Screenshots of the interface labeled with numbers aid learners in familiarizing themselves with the various controls used to navigate around the interface. Step-by-step instructions are also available.

Other concepts introduced in this fifteen-minute unit include:

    • Personal and Administrative Settings
    • How to customize the interface
    • Search Functions

At the end of the unit is a hands-on challenge that the learner can complete within his personal Salesforce interface. It is designed to help the learner put into actual interface practice what he has learned in the unit. Learner earns 500 points upon successful completion of the challenge.

The module can be accessed in Trailhead under the Learn CRM Fundamentals for Salesforce Classic Trail. Note that this module is applicable only for Salesforce Classic; if a learner is using Lightning, he should head to the specific module for Lightning Experience.

Summing it Up

CRM for Salesforce Classic Module is a great learning tool for beginners who want to grasp an idea of what Salesforce is really about. It provides an overview of the basic Salesforce platform and leads learners into practicing how to navigate the basic interfaces while learning how it enriches the business processes of their respective companies.

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