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What is CTI in Salesforce

CTI stands for computer telephony integration. This term is used to describe the tying of computer systems to traditional phone systems. Salesforce supports CTI via Salesforce Call Center. It seamlessly integrates these two technologies.

Developers can use Salesforce’s Open CTI to create these CTI systems. Your staff can access the computer telephony integration features via a soft phone. The softphone provided by this system acts as a tool to control calls. The soft phone will appear in the console’s footer.

CTI Features

The following are the features of the Salesforce computer telephony integration:

  • Identify and route incoming calls
  • Call logging
  • Caller info and call history
  • VoIP support
  • Auto dialing
  • Call monitoring and performance audits for KPIs

Computer Telephony Integration Methods

The Salesforce CTI system offers several methods of integration. They include the following:

  • fireOnCallBegin() – this integration method fires whenever a call begins. This is available only in API versions starting from 3.0 and onwards. It is used to send and get information between a custom console component and an interaction log.
  • fireOnCallLogSaved() – This integration method is only available in several API versions from 31.0 and onwards. This method will call the eventHandler function.
  • fireOnCallEnd() – this method is the opposite of the fireOnCallBegin() method. This one fires an event notification that signals the end of a call. It also sends and gets information between a custom console component and an interaction log.
  • getCallObjectIds() – This method is only available in earlier API versions from 24.0 and later. This method returns active call object IDs in first in first out order. If there are no active calls then it returns a null value.
  • onSendCTIMessage() – This integration method is only available for later APIs from version 31.0 and so on. This method registers a function that will be fired whenever the sendCTIMessage() method sends a message.

Note that these are only some of the methods used in Salesforce CTI, which will be a big help for developers. Note that this telephony software is delivered via cloud and is part of the Salesforce CRM.

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