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What Is “Demote” In Salesforce?

The Demote function in Salesforce is a function related to the Ideas function of the software. The Ideas feature allows sharing and learning knowledge and posting of suggestions and recommendations. You can post your own ideas for others to read and react to.

What if you don’t like an idea from one user? What can you do? Salesforce allows you to bring that idea down by DEMOTING it.

 Ideas and Reputation 

Salesforce provides a way for users to promote or demote an idea. Ideas gain or lose points depending on how they are conceived by users. Ideas with high scores get the chance to enter into the list of Popular Ideas or Top of All Time Ideas.

 How to Demote an Idea 

Salesforce’s Ideas allows you to decrease the popularity of an idea or a post. The option is called demoting. If an idea is demoted, the assumption is it is not useful for the community.

Every time a user clicks the Demote button, the idea’s score loses 10 points. The same number of points is added if a user clicks the Promote button.

It is has been strongly advised that users be careful with promoting or demoting an idea. Once the Demote button has been clicked, the idea loses points and there’s no way for the user to undo the demotion. The same idea cannot be demoted or promoted twice by the same user.

Accidental demotions or promotions should always be avoided. Some users reported missing the right button for their selection and have down-voted or up-voted instead

 On Mistaken Votes 

Some users who made a wrong vote aired their wishes that Salesforce would allow them to change or remove their votes. The Salesforce Ideas Team is deeply considering this concern. In the meantime, mistaken votes will continue to stay until changes are implemented.

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